Frequently Asked Questions

Each village, home and unit is unique and so too are the owners that love them. That’s why our UK-based support team is full of real people ready to answer your questions and needs. In the meantime though, we have put together a group of the most Frequently Asked Questions to help get you started…

How can I stay safe online during lockdown?

We've all been told to stay at home and the internet is providing a lifeline to the outside world, connecting you with friends and family, letting you order online, and providing entertainment. Sadly however, despite the fact that we already have enough of a challenge to deal with, criminals are investing more time than ever in creating online scams, particularly ones which correlate with searches for information and products around the virus. Below are some points that we would urge you to take heed of to help keep yourself safe.

  • If you receive a call from someone you don’t know, DO NOT give them access to your computer, hang up the call.
  • Never give your bank details out to a stranger over the telephone. There are also scams running at the moment purporting to be from your bank, asking you to transfer funds to a 'secure' account following a breach. These are not true. 
  • If you receive a suspicious email, delete it and do not reply. Some strange emails are used to verify if your email address is working, so that they can send you a new scam in the future, and some come already loaded with scams and viruses to catch you out now. If you are unsure who the sender is and it looks to be from an organisation, find their official website and call them to check. Do not use the number in the email or the link as these can be spoof contact details.
  • Do not click on links or files in an email unless you are confident they are from someone you know. Don't forget, viruses can mimic your friend's details and your friend's might even have been compromised, so it's also worth thinking if their email is normal behaviour or if you feel a bit suspicious. 
  • Keep your computer up to date and ensure you have up to date antivirus installed. Antivirus helps scan for and eliminate threats, while your software provider sends out security patches to combat the latest scams and security flaws. Keeping up to date is essential.

Most importantly! Trust your instincts, if something feels wrong, it probably is.

Scammers are always finding new ways to trick people. If you feel you have been tricked, don’t suffer in silence, talk to your friends and family for support. There is nothing to be embarrassed about as these criminals trick people all the time and you will not be on your own. You can also report scams to the police via the Action Fraud website: 

If for any reason you are unsure at any point, please give us a call on 01453 700 800 and we will happily work with you to help keep you safe from these threats.

How do I set up my broadband and telephone package?

That’s really easy and our team of people are here to help. Just follow this simple process:

  • Step 1 – call us on 01453 700800 or use the form in the contact us section to tell us your village and apartment number and the service you want i.e. telephone and / or broadband.

  • Step 2 – we will send you a “Request for Service” form to complete with your new telephone number and ask you to sign and return it to us in a self-addressed envelope

  • Step 3 – once we receive the form, we will then set up your account on our system. If you are having a telephone line, then we will arrange for your telephone line to be switched on in time for you to move in. If it’s broadband, then we’ll send you a configured wireless router that you can simply plug in and go.

  • Step 4 – you move in and your phone and broadband will be ready to use.

  • Step 5 – you will receive an invoice from us in the first week of the month which will include your connection fee and rental charge from the date your service started until the end of the billing month.  Be aware if you move in on the 15th of the month you will be charged for 1 ½ months rental on your first invoice.

  • Step 6 – a monthly Direct Debit will be collected around 20th of the month giving you time to call with any queries.

How do I access discounted Sky TV packages through Eurolink?

Eurolink has partnered with Sky and registered Audley Village addresses so you are eligible for great savings if you open your Sky contract through Eurolink

Step 1 – Call us on 01453 700 800 and we will make your initial application, taking a few basic details from you whilst you are on the telephone.

Step 2 – A Sky operative will contact you to complete your account setup and agree a time for their engineer to visit your property

Step 3 – A Sky engineer will arrive at your property with the correct equipment to connect your TV to Sky

Step 4 – Sky will invoice you directly for your agreed package. This will be charged at the discounted rate that we have negotiated with Sky.

How long is my contract?

We like to keep it simple and not tie you in, so all our contracts run for 30-days before rolling in to the next 30 day period. This will continue until notice is provided to cease the service.

Is the broadband secure?

Your broadband line will be dedicated to you in your home and no other residents will be able to see your network.   What’s more, we add a protective shield to all our broadband to protect the users from phishing attempts, hijack sites and suspicious activity. You should still have anti-virus on your devices, but your broadband is as safe as we can possibly make it!

What about safeguarding?

We appreciate that sometimes it is necessary to work with families and those who hold power of attorney. To ensure legitimate contact we set up our accounts with a minimum of three steps of authentication to ensure we are helping the right people.

Do I need a special phone?

No.  You can use the answerphones and handsets that you are used to.

Can I use caller display?

Yes absolutely. Our lines support caller display so as long as you have a handset that supports this, you will have no problem using it. Please note the BT 1471 service is not supported.

Can I have an answering machine?

Yes of course. You can attach or use an answer machine that is compatible with your handset, in order to record missed calls. Please note, the BT 1571 network answering machine is not supported.

What if I use a BT email address?

If you currently have a BT email address, but are looking to use our systems, then you have two options:

- If you want to keep your email address you can, but you need to contact BT and opt for their Premium Mail Service which has a small monthly charge. This will keep your email working and keep your email address the same.

- Alternatively, if you're not too attached to your email address, you can change over to any alternative free mail provider such as gmail for example.


My internet is slow. What should I do?

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds or no internet at all, then you are more than welcome to contact us. We'll be happy to look into the problem for you and see what needs to be resolved. 

If you would prefer to have a go at fixing the problem yourself, here is a handy video from Openreach with some helpful tips covering what you need to do...

How do you store, use and share my data?

We take data security very seriously and you can view our data privacy policy here.

How do I contact you?

Our team is based in the UK and is full of real people. Give us a call on 01453 700 800.